Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Knight of the Plague

     To break the habit of painting everything red I took on a Nurgle Space Marine. I call him Knight of the Plague. He is slightly converted with a sword from gray knights so that's why he's a knight. I tried some new stuff on the base and the running slime coming out of the pipe is a quite nice touch for the plague marine. Ok I feel refreshed, off to eBay you go. Cmon link.

Feed your Imagination,


  1. Lensface is very cool, and that sword just screams "tetnus shot".

  2. Incredible. I love the bright green. It doesn't always work, but this one looks great. The dirty robe really contrasts nicely. You do an exceptional job of making your models look "finished" with the great basing and pictures. Inspirational as always!

    One question, I am assuming you airbrushed the base of the green? If so, what colours did you use? Always interested in airbrushing different colours. Thanks!

  3. For the armor I used Dark Angel green and added Yellow to achieve a gradient. For the base i mixed vallejo still water and Dark Angels green.

  4. Uber cool dude. Love the greene and the skeleton is gruesome!

  5. Yo, Brovatar!

    I love the color scheme, nice grimy colors! Great paintjob!

    1. Thanks Zaphod! I really like what You are doing with the revolution. Keep it up man! Oh and Merry Christmas!