Friday, December 20, 2013

The Fantastic Three

When starting to work with those models I tried to pretty much reseble their 'cover' look. Well, it doesn't really apply to Ezekiel though, I made some simple changes to his color scheme to make him match more.
The color bases for amours and drapes were made with airbrush. I'm really fond of how blue librarians amours look with both lined and airbrushed highlights. Probably Ezekiel and the old guy are one of my most flashy paintjobs ever :P Colors are saturated and you can see many contrasts there, I also used many very bright paints for lights. Additionally power swords sure are flashy, I heard they were the reason for this commission ;P
This project got quite a lot of spare time for freehands so I put an effort to use it well :) I tried to add something ornamental to every cape though Belial was luckier than others getting half of his clothes decorated. There must be something in those velvet greens.
I had some hard time trying to make the bases look like ancient mosaic. I'm still not sure if the effect is close to what I imagined at first but it so happened that I accidentally did some nice looking marble arount the mosaic parts. Oh well :)

Hope you like it!

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