Monday, January 6, 2014



The hive mind has spread its call across the galaxy. The psionic sensitive being that is Den of Imagination we could not escape it's influence. The Studio has become the brood hot spot for immense evolution of Tyranid strain organisms. This month will be the month of our service to the Hive Mind.

What that means to you? If you plan on wagging war on some imperial forces and need some brand new evolved tyranid troops to increase the power of your swarm. Then you came to the right place.
We have a wide range of special offers for the new tyranid relies.

HIVE MIND: Order all modes on Pro Painted level and get all new boxes in half GW price.
CREEP TUMOR: Order an army for over 1500 USD and get our unique resin cast bases for the whole force for FREE FREE paintjob on one of your HQ models.
COLOR OF THE SWARM: Get a Tyrant painted up on Pro Painted level have your Tyranid Prime painted for FREE!
PSYCHIC PRESENCE: Order 1+ HQ models and get free conversion done on them.
INFESTED LANDS: Order an army for over 3000 USD get a free diorama.

RAPID EVOLUTION: Get two weapon options magnetized on your Carnifexes and Tyrants for FREE on Pro Painted level.
POWER OF THE SWARM: Get more than 60 models in your order get a box of Termagants for FREE.
ALIEN EGG: If you order a Pro Painted army around 2000 points, you will get a special surprise model totally for free.


Q: What are those new boxes?
A: Here's the list: 
Harpy / Hive Crone
Hive Guard / Tyrant Guard
Haruspex / Exocrine
Tyranid Warriors

If you have any more questions leave them in the comment section and we will add them to the FAQ.

We've just released our new line of bases - infested theme that will work great with Tyranids. In "creep tumor" offer you will get those bases painted in any color scheme you want.

Take a peek on our new short promo video:

Muster your Hive fleets! WE INVADE!!! 


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