Monday, January 27, 2014


We are working on a new commissions webpage --> [CLICK]
There is a lot of work a head of us but we would like to ask you how do you like it so far? What would you improve or change?

We would like to give you best service and match your needs as close as possible that's why we've prepared six painting levels.
First four levels are best for armies and with each of them you will get awesome looking army. Adept looks amazing on battleboard and is perfect for large armies like Skaven Slaves. Table Top and Wargamer give you great quality with decent prices.
Almost all of our commissions are in Pro level. Armies on that level score very high on the tournaments (for example our Daemon Army won for our client two Best Painted Army awards).
The Epic and Legendary levels are designed for elite units and hero models. With these levels you get all techniques to make your models unique and shiny in the whole force. NMM, Freehands, OSL and much more is what you get! Of course if you want to we can paint whole armies in those levels but it will take 2-3 times more than with regular levels.
Take a look on our portfolio --> [CLICK]

We've added new and proper photos to show what you get in theses levels:

While painting is our main occupation we offer variety of other services like sculpting and scenery making.

Second of all if you are not familiar with our youtube channel check our recent videos and our channel.

Don't forget about our Special Offer - Tyranids! --> [CLICK]

You can do anything!

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