Friday, January 31, 2014

Thoughts form the Depth #8

First of all thank you all for your support with the painting levels guide. We will rename the Pro-Painted level soon, hopefully again with your help we will find a new name for it.

We were talking about our new website almost 5 months ago. We didn't expect it will take so much time but we are really proud how it turned out. We won't put it online till we fill it up with galleries, old posts etc.

We are still working on a webstore and service guide and our Pro Bono program.

YES! We will finally have a normal webstore with Paypal payments. So expect a lot of cool things from us!

Here is a sneak peak for you. What do you think?

Second of all if you are not familiar with our youtube channel check our recent videos and our channel.

Don't forget about our Special Offer - Tyranids! --> [CLICK]

You can do anything!

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