Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ravens blackened the sky!

The Raven Guard week has finally come to an end ! This army sure had much spotlight on our Facebook ( and blog too ) :P Now that you've seen most of it in separate parts, let's spare another moment to see the whole project at once :) Btw the timing is perfect as ravens (and other black birds) started to gather for migration so DoI is surrounded by ravens from the inside and outside :P
With so many earlier posts compiling all the parts of this project I hardly can say anything new so I guess I'll again just say sth about my impressions on the process.

As the project started with infantry painting, at first there was a bit of struggle with white on black parts, troublesome step I must say. Eventually we decided to glaze white over another washed blue layer of white which gave the surface a nice fading to blue effect and I think blue worked here much better then gray would.

Scouts with capes sculpted by Kasia were nice addition to the project. I can't say much about their role gamewise but painting the unit was very fun for few reasons: faces, cape freehands, draped pants and later lenses, though I used Natalia's help on the last part. I really liked the idea of using camo pattern and how it came out.

As for those more picturesque freehands, I always leave that part for the last moment as an additional eye candy to already nice looking army :) The idea of white raven on Stormtalon's tail came to me as naturally as simple the black/white contrast is, but here it adds something special to the project in both visual and imagery way.
On the other hand there's freehand of raven victorous over tyranid's head, also a bit symbolic. I'm not sure if tyranid was the right opponent here but whatever, every Space Marine should hate Tyranids :P

Moving to the vehicles, airbrush gray highlights made them pleasant to look at, and all the switchable magnetized weapons for Stormtalon and Land Speeders are also shaded the same way.

I kind of liked making drop pods for their center console freehand. It might seem a bit strange that all the drop pods are going to land in the city but at least it looks nice, right? Details are loved. Here one freehand was my work based on the one I saw on some drop pod box, the other was painted by Natalia as probably one of her fists trials at freehanding. Now guess which is whose :D
I think that also weathering looks quite good here, rust added nice brown shade to the color scheme becoming also another detail addition.
A bit off the topic, as the necessity is the mother of invention, I came up with the idea of stencil for yellow stripes on the door sides making the painting of it a quick and easy airbrush step.

We have another Raven Guard army ready to show, a bit different approach again but definitely something worth seeing :) Also I felt inspired to make some tutorial connected to freehanding and Raven Guard subject so stay tuned !



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  2. Where did you get the wings for what I assume is the chapter master