Friday, December 13, 2013

Tank with a fist.

Hey guys. Time to start showcasing another army that we finished. I'm telling you we are working as fast as Santa's gnomes this holiday season. Really awesome painted armies are coming out of the studio like crazy. It's mostly that our Miniature Painting Service is growing in numbers. More and more talented people are joining our ranks and it's all thanks to you guys the fans, the clients, friends and family we love you guys thanks for all the support.

Enough of the jiber jaber.
Check out those Rhinos that Paulina and Jane painted up. Really love the weathering that Jane did. Those splashes are mind blowing. The way she did them was by using dirty brush with vallejo pigment. She placed the brush close to the area she wanted dirty and she sprayed air from an empty airbrush. This gave her the effect of mud splashing on the surface.

Paulina did an amazing job with the Imperial Fists logo on the hatches. We got a laser cut custom stencils. We need to have a laser in the studio to do more of those things, this would be really cool.

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