Tuesday, December 3, 2013


We have a sweet deal for you today. We heard that the Tyranid threat is rising and humanity need a proper defence. You can always count on Guardsmen! These brave warriors are the first line of resistance for each enemy of the Emperor's domain.

Kosa painted the whole force by himself so it feels like a complete army. It is a huge force with tons of infantry (100+) and over ten vehicles. In the video and gallery down below you'll find how exceptional and amazing is the painting quality. Freehands, lenses, preshading, weathering and more awesome painting techniques make this army a real eye candy.

To make these models, especially vehicles more useful everything is magnetized. You buy eachvehicle with all the weapon options available (we even added these rare Lascannons from Forge World for Vendettas)

If you are interested in buying this force contact us: service@denofimagination.com 

Drop us an offer before it's too late!

You can do anything!

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