Thursday, October 11, 2012

Daemonic Vigor

  Finally I finished this monstrosity. There may be few things to tweak but as far as I'm concerned he's ready to be painted. I just need to get a green light and I'll go crazy on this one.

    Man, what a green stuff frenzy it has been. I think that I used up more green stuff on this one then I did on the Nurgle Daemon Prince. All the heads everywhere and skulls. This one is filled with detail all over. I am really glad how the shield turned out. The goal behind it was to represent evil spirits trapped in the shield trying to break out. I give you lot of photos to browse throw so feel free to leave a comment about this guy.

     There will be a different set of hands without the spear and shield but I'll do that later. I just couldn't wait to get him done and start painting. He will have black fur and a dark grey mane. Head will be old bone color, wings will be bloody read so when looking at him from the front his head and wings will form the Night Lord symbol which I think is really cool. The spear will be blazing with reddish flame. I plan to paint all of his spikes, horns etc in bright colors and give them some lightning properties like there are places where lightning is coming out of him. Thunder is really common in night lords iconography so they might look really awesome. I'm thinking of giving his eye sockets some glow, red or dark purple maybe, what do you think?

BTW, in my local gaming center me and Arbal from Coloured Dust will be making a speed painting competition so expect a review in the end of the month. If you know polish you can check it out.


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