Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Which page massster?

      At last, after a long wait he's done. The Necromancer conversion for Vampire Counts made from the Coven Throne set and some extra bits. I think he presents himself very well. There are some details that turned out the way I pictured in my head. I'm really proud of this piece. The engraving "Which page massster?" brings a little comedy to the model. It's a direct question to the Necromancer asked by his skeleton minion. The funny part about it is that the wizard is actually blind! But still it's Warhammer. He doesn't need to read the book to cast spells from it. It's enough that the tomb of death is made from human skin and written with blood.

     The thing that I gave most attention to was the skull. For example the skull has only four teeth but I painted some more on my own to make it look more real. Also I painted the cracks on bones and the skull. The book is also really nice. It was hard to paint that tiny skull on the right page but I did it.
Hope you like him.

Here's a link to CMoN and eBay


  1. Awesome figure. I couldn't even tell he was mounted on a standard infantry base until the last shot. Nice work!

  2. I did my best to achieve that. I'ts nice to hear that I did :)

  3. You're so talented! What a nice piece!!! Congrats

  4. Spectacular miniature!
    I definitely thought it wasn't based on a standard infantry base, great job on the "illusion".

  5. Magnificent! What a piece. I am in love with the book skeleton. I like the way you even painted in the cranial plate lines in the skull, impressive. He sits so well into the display base I wasn't sure he was sitting on a 20x20 until the photo.