Friday, May 18, 2012

Block out the sun

Some major progress on The DPoN project.Wings magnetized, legs turned out to fit great and work brilliant with the nurgle theme. Exposed bones and rotting flesh are almost the same as the head of the Daemon. Now it's time to fill the gaps, sculpt some pus-filled spots, maggots etc and of course add some chains, skulls, chaos symbols, heads, corpses, spikes. The fun part. After that I'll do the landing point, being the base with a lot of action as well. Now I think that the project will be finished sooner than later.  

Have a nice weekend,


  1. I hate you soooo much.... ;)

  2. Wygląda nieźle, ale malowanie tego w jednym kawałku będzie koszmarem...
    Chyba że zdecydujesz się na szybką metodę wash, drybrush, czy coś podobnego w trudno dostępnych miejscach.