Thursday, May 10, 2012

Daemon Progress

    Ok, got some progress on the DP. The head is 90% done. Now I will be able to start working on his armor. The exposed skull turned out really nice. For now my favorite part is the first war trophy that I made for this monster. I'm talking about a space marine corpse impaled on a spike that will be on the Daemon Prince's shoulder. I took the corpse from Crypt Horror set and glowed a head of a space marine on it. I drilled holes in every glass part to make him look really damaged. The rest is not near finish so don't judge me too harsh just yet. In the end it's going to be one busy model with a lot going on.
Can't wait...

     So any ideas about what wings I'm using ?



  1. Poor space marine dude... At least he died for the Emperor God.

    As for the wings, I'm betting on Hive-Tyrant wings?

  2. Incredible stuff so far Brovatar.