Sunday, May 6, 2012

Subscriber Appreciation Contest

      I reached the 100 members cap on Blogger and another 35+ likes on Facebook, this gives me a lot of joy and makes me very happy. Seeing that people like what I do and keep coming back to see more of my work on the blogger and across all the forums is one of the most rewarding things that a hobbyist can achieve. Your kind words, comments and constantly growing feedback is most appreciated.
     I would like to give back a bit to the community, so I'm launching a contest in which the reward will be me taking a commission from one of you guys for one character mini, painting or conversion. 100% free of charge. I will cover all the costs of shipping. To win this free commission all you need to do is like Brovatar's Painting on Facebook and share this blog post on your Facebook profile. Entries are accepted till May 25th 2012. Full list of participants can be found here. After that I will make a list of the participants, print all of their names and randomly choose one. This will be filmed and posted on Youtube to make it as fair as possible.

Q: What if I don't feel comfortable in sending my minis to you?
A: Tell me what army you have and I'll make something for you from the bits that I have in stock.

Q: Can I send you money to buy the miniature and convert/paint it for me instead of sending the actual mini to you?
A: Yes, that is an option. In that case you would get your prize faster.

Have any more questions about the contest, please send them to my e-mail adres and I will update the FAQ section with answers.

Thank you all again, you are a wonderful community.


  1. that's a cool thing to do mate! Cheers ;)

  2. Thx dude, that's very nice of you

  3. If only I was still on Facebook...

  4. I liked your FB page ans share this blog post to a closed group of my local Warhammer 40K player. I am not sure if this makes my entry no longer valid but I think the target audience is much better if I do this. Anyway, I hope I still get a chance. And, lovely models as always. Looking forward to more.