Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Work in Progress

     So I'm working on a Deamon Prince of Nurgle conversion right now, I just got started. He's going to be a really dynamic and big model with some nice effects on him. I don't want to go into too much detail for you but the client had some cool idea about the posing. The Deamon will be impaling his enemy straight to the ground while ascending rapidly form the sky.

     I agreed with the client that the heads from the plastic box set didn't quite fit the "cool section" and were no near "nurglish" so I decided to resculp it a bit, quite a lot actually. For now I've done half of the skull exposed. There will be some more skin, the head will be bigger and of course one Nurglish horn ^^.

    As for the wings, they are going to be the biggest, most rotten wings you can find. Anyone knows what I'm talking about? Stay tuned for some more updates.

PS: there's a competition that I've started so if you want to have a chance to get me to paint a model for you for free, now you have it: Subscriber Appreciation Contest 

Have a nice day,


  1. Awsome start for something that will be an awsome conversion. I, personnaly, keep fingers crossed for this one :)

  2. Starting off good.. looking forward to seeing how it progresses.. will you also share the parts that you are using as a bases for this?

  3. That's a good idea. I'll do that.