Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fear the Reaper Man

     Finally got around to post some pics of my Hussar 2012 entry. In this category I had to compete with Karol Rudyk, Slayer sword winner, C'tan and the winner of Hussar Nakatan so there is no shame that I didn't win anything but still I'm proud of this guy. I made him from Dark Angel chapter upgrade kit plus new Raven wing raider torso from Dark Vengeance  I really liked the head piece with the hood falling down like that. It's just awesome sauce all over. For the Blood on the Chainsword I have to thank Marta from Twisted Brushes. As for the temple tiles c'tan's tutorial came in handy.


Feed your Imagination,


  1. Nice work mate.. really spot on there.. will check out the tutorial also on how you did the blood.

  2. Amazing job mate!
    Love the use of the Ravenwing Sergeant torso.

  3. Awesome work love the conversion and diorama
    spiderwebs and granite are pretty cool so is the blood and OSL

  4. i love how you've illuminated his face with the glow from the plasma pistol - how did you achieve that?