Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Iron, Lion, Zion, Night Lord?

     Still on that Night Lord, but I have to say he is turning out really great. I finished hair, attached the left hand. His spine has got some spikes now and I started working on his tails. He will have two sets of hands magnetized. First set will be the spear and shield like the ones Terminator Lord has. The second set will be pure claws. I plan on making them look really cool. Hope I'll manage to finish this big fela soon. I just can't wait to splash some paint on him.

     Other than that Hussar 2012 is coming so I'm excited about that. Probably I will enter some minis just for fun but I'm going more for the event. If anyone who reads this blog is going, let me know, I would love to meet up and say Hi!

     The client requested that I add few dreadlocks to his mane. Besides, giving the model an extra cool look  helped me to decide what music to listen to while converting/sculpting So I played some Bob Marley on YouTube.



  1. Myślę, że całkiem sporo osób czytających bloga będzie;)

  2. Fantastic work ! I really like the dreadlocks :D


  3. Cool conversion work here. Im looking to see him finished!

  4. grot włóczni psuje ten model....