Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sanguinor and Sanguinary Guard

As the very big Blood Angels army was finished some time ago already, here I work on the last part of it: 10 lvl 5 Sanguinary Guard models and lvl 6 Sanguinor. The models are for the same client who ordered lvl 6 Astorath the Grimm some time ago so I'll try to make Sanguinor a little similar in some aspects, e.g. scrolls are going to be painted the same way, also I decided to go with true metallicts till the end. This project is going to have many cool elements from shiny golden armours of many metallics shades, through all the wings and scrolls and ending with many shiny blood droplets painted as gems and freehanded power weapons. I'm also thinking of painting some kind of freehands on Sanguinor's wings.

Stay tuned for the future updates!


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