Wednesday, October 8, 2014

BLOOD ANGELS model list

After a few months of painting here it is, our biggest ever Blood Angels army is ready for a battle! Starting from lvl 6 Astorath the Grimm, later on we painted also:
40 lvl 4 Death Company marines with 30 DC Jump packs
SM Command squad
SM Captain
SM Chaplain with crozius and power fist
10 Devastator marines
Lemartes Guardian of lost
2 BA Priests
10 Terminators
2 Furioso dreadnoughts
3 Drop pods
4 Rhinos
Land Rider
All those models on lvl 4. And as for lvl 5 we also had quite a lot of work :
SM Captain Lord Executioner
20 SM Stern Guard Veterans
20 SM Vanguard Veterans
10 BA sanguinary guard
And the last one, lvl 6 Sanguinor Exemplor of the Host.
It's probably the first time our studio painted so many lvl 5 models at once. Look forward to more BA posts!



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