We offer 6 different painting levels. Most of our projects were painted on level 4 "Elite". You can customize your army and have half painted in different level or just your characters for example on level 5 and the rest on level 3. For more photos check our gallery>>.
For more details and prices click the photos below. Prices shown are per model and in USD. For more details read about our assembly>> and basing>> services. 
Please note that all prices are per one miniature.

  Level 2 Basic                                           Level 3 Wargamer                                        Level 4 Elite 

Level 5 Veteran                                          Level 6 Legendary

Flicker galleries:

If you want to get amazing freehands on your level 2-5 miniatures write to us your ideas. We will prepapre a seperate pricing for each freehand.