Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Destroyer Lord Build

     Hello. Today I have built a Necron Destroyer Lord from Anrakyr the Traveller and a Destroyer Lord pack. I wanted to give him a more original look so thought it will be a good idea to use one of the cool finecast lords that are available for the top half.

     At the beginning I cut off Anrakyr's legs right off the bat. After that I drilled a hole at the center of his torso from the bottom with a 6 mm drill to fit with the destroyer lower part.

     It fitted him nicely but after further examination I thought that his hands are a bit too small for a Destroyer Lord especially the left one so I decided that I need to swap Anrakyr's hand with the original destro hand. 

     I took a 3 mm drill and drilled a hole for that hand to be able to glue it in place without any trouble. 

     For his right hand I will use the original one with the warscythe. I think it's really cool. So the left hand fits nicely. I'm all set for painting.


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  1. That's pretty slick I never even thought of using the Finecast lords as parts for a destroyer lord. I may just have to borrow this...