Monday, April 29, 2013

How to sculpt Nurgle Face Tutorial

     Hey guys! According to public demand I prepared a tutorial for making Chaos Space Marine Nurgle Daemon Faces ^^. Oki let's begin.

     For this sculpting piece I used:
-Clay Shapers
-Sculpting Knifes
-Green Stuff
-Super Glue
-Hand Creme

Step 1. To save time I used a Chaos Space Marine head for the base of my green stuff conversion. I chose the raptors horned head because it had horns already so one part was already done for the Nurgle part.

Step 2. I cut off one horn, the whole face and the chin. That is made so the head won't be too big after adding greenstuff.
Step 3. I prepared some greenstuff. Not too much. With a tiny drop of super glue I attached the putty to the scraped part of the head.

Step 4. With a clay shaper and some cream I shaped the rough shape of the head. For Daemon of Nurgle the upper section is smaller the in human heads because they have one eye. I made the temple section nice and flat. The front part should be a bit convex.

Step 5. With the sculpting knife and again some cream I started sculpting the eye. With a crescent move from the bottom the eyelid was made.

Step 6. Using the same technique I did the eye and the under eyelid. The first line was made inside the upper lid and the second one outside of it.
Step 7. I pushed the clay upward to form cheeks and line the jaw.

Step 8. Now I begin to make the teeth. With the sculpting knife I have cut the mouth four times lining the mouth and making three teeth. For now the upper teeth and the bottom ones were fused together.
Step 9. With the knife I separated the upper and lower teeth by pushing the clay inside shaping the upper teeth. I also pushed the sides of the mouth a bit inside. At this point I also started working on the lower jaw.

Step 10. Still with the sculpting knife I gave shape to the lower teeth and pushed the clay a bit away from the teeth to form lips.

Step 11. It ain't Nurgle without some rotting skin. At the hornless side I made some lesions and exposed skull bone. For more details on rotting skin checkout my older tutorial on that.

Step 12. Cosmetics. With two delicate crescent cuts I formed the wrinkles above the eye to give some detail to the forehead. Also I pushed the cheeks a bit down with a ball end of the sculpting knife. 

     The finished result looks like this. If you want to see some more Nurgle faces, check out this link. Sculpting nurgle parts is quite enjoyable and very forgiving. I really recommend it if you are interested in starting to sculpt something of your own.

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  1. Fantastic! The Colonel will probably pick this one up and post it.

  2. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely give this a try.

    1. If you do I would like to see that there is nothing more gratifying for an article writer then to see it helping someone improve.

  3. Awsome Tut. Thanks allot for that look into your ways of sculpting ;)