Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hammer of the lizard

Hey hey guys. It has been so busy at the studio lately that we haven't had time to make some quality posting happen on the blog. It's all due to the big event that we are preparing for September. The clock is ticking.

For today I have some cool Salamander Termis by Kosa I would like to present to you. I really like the writing on them. You can see it on some shoulders, legs and chests of the termis. It is so fine detailed, damn that's crisp. He did this using a small end black pen. You can't go wrong on Salamander Terminators with Forge World shoulderpads and Chapterhouse shields. Soo cool.

The entire force will have ten scouts and a Librarian plus Vulcan Hes'tan combo so stay tuned.

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