Thursday, October 31, 2013

The first DOI's fists

A bit of fun, a bit of a challenge and first studio's Imperial Fists commission finally finished! And the customer already ordered a continuation to it :) 30 marines and Dreadnought are waiting to be packed and sent into the world.

As I'm new to almost everything in Warhammer world, here also many things I was painting for the first time. I don't think I ever made so many of those little repeatable freehands: 30 black fists ( I had to make myself a tutorial to how to make them look somehow similar :P ), and all those decorative squad numbers on shoulderpads. I was lucky to get a very talented newcomer to help me with Second Company knee signs, Second squad numbers and really cool looking marble bases. Making green marble myself in the future would be a lot of fun :D ( <- hint hint ). Painting human faces was also fun here. There were only 3 of them but faces are always fun to paint :P

And doesn't Dreadnough look cool ? :D I love the gradients and amount of details the model allowed me to make - evetything looks nice especially in yellow/red/silver color scheme :)

The warm yellow armours shade wasn't easy to get at first try and though this one looks good, there are still other ways of using wash on yellow we'd like to try.

Hope you like it!

1 comment:

  1. DOBRE! :D
    Osobiście preferuję mniej "czyste" modele (może nie 200% battle damage, ale też nie całkiem "nówki nieśmigane" :P ) ale te są bardzo przyjemne dla oka. :)
    P.S. Dzięki za mały boost motywacyjny. Właśnie czekam na paczkę z moimi pierwszymi (przyszłymi) Imperial Fists :)