Sunday, March 2, 2014

Salamanders: Vanguard

Hi there! Here we have 10 veterans in two squads of 5 : some with more spellcrow bits and some with nicely painted robes. One guy from the more lizard-like looking group had his loincloth painted in scales, I wonder if you'd see which one is it :P

The lava pattern on five black loincloths is quite similar to freehands the captain of the infantry and librarian got.
The black faces weren't really a good material for dandy painting, sadly. But I guess it doesn't do any harm as many other details look really cool. Look at those lenses or burning legs, for example.
As for the spellcrow bits, here we have shoulder pads, loincloths and torsos, also four guys have those weapons of unusual shape, some even decorated with salamander head.

Hope you  like it!


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