Monday, April 7, 2014

Meet the painters #1 #Jane

Hi! Some time ago we decided that we want to introduce ourselves. Or rather, we want you to know us a little closer. 

"Meet the painters" starts now!

In the studio, we are a couple of people, so we will present each of us in separate parts. To be honest, I will present to you all people. I will try to be objective and quite detailed. You will find out who is responsible for what models. This allows you to recognize the painting styles of individuals painters. 

At first: I introduce myself. You know me as Jane (but my real name is Joanna). My main job is to carry on marketing and social media but I am also one of the painters. 

My work you know among the others: Iron Hands, Imperial Guard, Imperial Fists (in association with Paulina, Natalia and Robert) and Lizardmen army.

Soo... That's me!

See you next time,


  1. You are really talented I must say! :)

  2. I'm glad you guys/gals are doing this series. Keep it up

  3. I think those Imperial Fists are my favorite of all the DoI armies

  4. Great start to your new series!
    Looking forward to meeting the other guys (and gals?) ;)