Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Carnifex is a monstrous creature which is armed with the most advanced Tyranid Bio-Weapons. It is a very large creature which is larger than man.
It has a trick carapace which provides protection from damage. They are comparable to the Space Marine Dreadnought in tactical use.
Carnifex is a living engine of destruction. Any of them can be mutated to Thornback Armour, a Barbed Strangler, Spore Cysts, a Venom Cannon, or to project burning Bio-Plasma and are used in shock assaults, spaceship boarding actions, massed battles, and for battering through fortified positions and tank formations.

Our Tyranid creature have 3 main colours: Black, Yellow and some Pink spots. You can watch a video on YouTube and see full gallery on Flickr.

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  1. Love the scheme. At first I thought the black needed some more highlights, but the video showed it being much lighter and easier to see the detail.