Thursday, May 29, 2014

ORANGE ELDARS #2: The big guys

Here we have the second part of the orange Eldar army: wraithknight, 3 wraithlords and 15 wraithguards. Those guys don't have as much of a blue additions but here you can see more of those green light-like gems, also some lights in a form of spiral freehands painted on wraithlords and wraithguards heads. While working on this army Natalia came up with the idea of a bit different scheme of painting those gem-like armor elements, which seemed to suit eldar theme pretty well. Gems on all the big guys (wraithlords, wraithknight and wraithguards) and bases seem to shine with their own internal light instead of the usual gem effect which is about gem catching the outside light.

The pattern on wraithknight's head was painted using fruit net :P
Wraithknight and wraithlords come with full set of magnetized weapons.

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Hope you like it!

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