Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Meet the painters #2 #Robert

Meet the painters is back to town! Today you'll meet Robert!

Robert is the youngest in our studio and he doesn't talk so much. In his free time he is playing on the drums in  a death metal band. 

He learns very quickly and his skills contributed to the quick assigning him to work on single character projects. From his works, you can know for example: Shrike, Salamaner army (with Paulina), Typhus, rusty/red  and metallic Necrons.

Robert is very helpful, and will help you if you need him. For example: If you ever get lost in Thorn and Robert will be next to you, he will help you find the right way.

And now a few questions to Robert:

Jane: Dear Robert, do you remember when did you start work here?

Robert: I started in January, so now it seems to be 5 months.

J: Which one of the models that you have painted do you like the most?

R: I think that, the most I like Shrike. He had some cool details, which were nice to paint.

See you next time,

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