Monday, June 2, 2014


Another big Eldar army, this time with many freehand additions and many mangetized weapon options. The whole army in composed of: 15 wraithguards, 2 wraithlords, 1 wraithknight, 3 wave serpents, 1 crimson hunter, 12 jetbikes and two heroes minis.

First off we have 3 squads of wave serpent + 5 wraithguards, each gruop has it's unique emblem painted on. The three symbols are tyranid's head, skull and skeletor hand, all painted as if glowing with mistic blue light. Most of the 3 wave serpents surface is covered in blue flamelike freehands, similar pattern but on a smaller scale was painted on wraithguard's loinclothes. Each of the 15 wraithguards has a choice of weapons magnetized for them: wraithblades, wraithcannon and D-scythe. One wraithlord and wraithknight also have more than one set of magnetized weapons to choose from.
Crimson hunter looks as if it just flashed trough the same blue flames that cover 3 wave serpents, but the main point of this model is the large bone freehand. It's hard to tell what animal could have such bones, but it definitely looks cool on this dark surface.
Freehands on jetbikes were  made mostly with airbrush, same as the cape of Eldrad. Both Eldrad and his female version (Raging Heroes Asharah used here) are level 5 miniatures, I liked painting them in this color scheme.

Hope you like it!

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  1. Had to hop in from the RSS feed to comment. These look awesome. Excellent work.