Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lost Interview. Meet the painters Paulina

Hello so I found the transcript of an Interview done by our Facebook fans with Paulina our painter.
Here it is:

Jon Rocha asks: I will give  you my first born child if you paint my whole army?
Paulina: If the child survives the shipping process i can think about it.

Jonas Jc Carlssin asks: How long have you been painting and how did you get in contact with the hobby?
Paulina: I always found interest in painting and drawing. My first contact was when I applied for this job in July of 2013.

Alexander Ace Bahrman asks: Favorite choice of 40k-army and why?
Paulina; I don't have a favorite one, but if I need to chose I would pick Chaos Space Marines/Daemons of Khorne.

David Gómez Moreno asks: Hi, Paulina. What is the thing you enjoy the most outside of work? What's your fav meal?
Paulina: Spending time on improving my skills. When I have a fave meal I eat it all the time until I hate it.

Adam Duncombe asks: Personally I would like to hear more from Paulina and her experience in how to approach a project, how to improve your skills as a painter and artist?
Paulina: The best improvement is constant practice. Thinking through all the painting steps.

Q: What should people like me who want to learn to paint like Paulina should study or work with to improve?
Paulina: Study the works of the best painters on cool mini or not and figure out how it's done.

Q: What makes a great painter?
Paulina; Experience and ability to learn new things, searching for better solutions and spending a lot of time on a miniature.

Favorit model:
Paulina: Eldar Female Farseer.

So That is it:
If you want to #Meet another painter leave some questions bellow.



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