Friday, August 31, 2012

CSM lifted to the mountain tops.

     Even on my holiday break I'm not taking a break from painting. So the CSM is almost done, few tweaks and I'll start painting the grey onto the Grey Knight if you know what I mean. Besides my muscle sores I feel relaxed and regenerated to maximum so you can expect a lot of activity coming from Brovatar's painting. Stay tuned.



  1. That backdrop makes me jealous... :P

  2. idea is pretty cool.. could be so much cooler with not so much effort..
    first all its parts are perpendicular, it doesnt look right. hammer could be more forwardish..
    second.. csm's legs.. why they arent repositioned? especially feet need some work.. he looks silly, like he was still standing on his base..
    besides that its pretty nice

    1. They are re-positioned. He is alive and swinging his legs trying to get free.
      I didn't want him hanging down lifelessly.