Friday, August 10, 2012

Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition

     Hey guys. I started working on a new Grey Knight commission. It's going to be a Grand master equipped with a MC Thunder Hammer and a Psilencer. The Terminator will be holding a Chaos Space Marine in the air by his neck. It's the final moment before the traitors redemption. Still have to do a lot of stuff on this guy but I already have something to show you. I made a nice cloak from green stuff with the inquisition symbol on it. It will fit nicely to the Grand master. I still need to "master craft" the thunder hammer and finish both arms. I'm really psyched on this commission. It's going to make a really nice center piece for my client's army.

Have a nice one,


  1. A nice start but i would say that the psipulsar together with the hammer is bit to much even with a terminatorarmour.
    Take away the hammer or change the pulsar with a arm mounted stormbolter for a better balance.
    Just my humble opinion ;)

  2. Hola
    Pues tiene una pinta de animal que te cagas JAJAJA mola.
    Atento al final
    un slaudo

  3. Habla usted ingl├ęs?
    Don`t know if i spelled it right ;)

  4. Hello
    No sorry, the next will use the google translator is the one I have set.
    a greeting