Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This bat won't fly!

    Some more Greens of the Vampire Beast. The head is a pain I tell you. It's a constant fight to keep both sides as symmetrical as possible  The fact that it's a beast is forgiving any minor mistakes but still it's a lot of hard and time-consuming work. The picture on the right is my first take on the bat head and in my opinion it turned out caricatural and goblin-like. It didn't fit the bulky mass of muscles of murder machine that I want my model to be so I started from scratch once more. Already I like it much better. But still there's a lot that needs to be done on this model, ears, much "cleaning up" smoothing out some areas and filling in the gaps. After I'm done with the whole model there will be another bug challenge on my desk, cutting the model into pieces to fit the molds. In its current pose the model is impossible to cast and that is my main mission in here. It's a sort of a dream to create my own models but you guys help me get through all the challenges and your kind words and constant feedback give me the motivation that I need to press on. Thank you for that.

     One of my former commissioners contacted me yesterday so there is a chance that I will be doing another Daemon Prince of Chaos for 40k. This one is going to be even bigger than the Nurgle Daemon so I'm really excited about it.

"May the forces of evil get confused on the way to your house" - G.C.

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  1. Lovely dude, the muscles look good, great pose and loving that head :D