Sunday, September 1, 2013


Hello Fellow Wargamers. So the Big Bang has started I'm sitting here with Bania in our headquarters doing some graphics, uploading our new logo everywhere. Oh yeah the new LOGO how do you guys like it. I heard some mixed opinions from friends already but not much negativity so I think it's a good thing. The new one is more like Sci-fi and since we are more 40k oriented that fits us better then the old one. It doesn't mean that we don't do fantasy anymore!
For the past couple of months we have been hiding our new studio and a lot of finished work to condensate the awesomeness into one week. We planned to launch the new website today but our IT guy is struggling with the codes a bit longer than we thought but we hope it will be up tomorrow.

For the week we have prepared for you a lot of stuff. For example - awesome one of a kind Giveaway, Swag Bag, our studio promo video, fresh new gallery and more!

Prepare to have your imagination fed!
Brovatar and Bania


  1. Hey! Nice logo, it really is in tech or sci-fi style.
    Looking forward to see new post of comming projects.

    Btw, any new for ProBono program?

    1. It's going to launch probably during the week. I'm personaly excited about it. I hope that we can make as much armies as posible but for order that to happen we need commissions to get some revenue going. Hope that the promo video that we will place on the web tommorow will give us just that.

  2. Love it Brovatar, much more professional then the old one.
    Skrits from the Underempire

    1. Hey Skrits, The Blog will be soon on the new Web site hope you will like it as much as you like the logo!