Thursday, September 12, 2013


We want to introduce you to our new service - custom made UNIT DISTICTION CARDS.

Have tons of similar models? Tired of explaining which Guardsmen or Termagaunt belong to which unit?Tired of explaining each game which unit has what weapon options and upgrades?

Our cards gives you the easy way to do it in a few seconds. Unit name, picture and detailed clarification will explain your army roster in a sec. If you are a MTG or oder card game fan you will love those for sure!

For a quote for your own set contact us via

- Can you make the cards in my design?
Those cards are fully custom made - you can describe your own idea of it and we will make it happen!

- What card sizes and shapes do you offer?
Literally every size :) In the pictures below you can see the cards that fit the GW Psychic Power box but we can design any size and shape you want. Have your favourite MTG box? Will make our cards to fit it perfectly.

And that's how it looks on the examplary army.

Coming soon the BIG Diorama Giveaway and Probono Program:

Also if you haven't seen it yet our Promo Video. Please share it and spread out the word!

You can do anything!

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