Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Short studio tour

We would like to show you a bit our studio. This time we will show you our painting and sculpting stations. Next time our IT room.

We decided to go with the Hobby Zone to maintain a relative order in the studio. Their organizers are really helpful.

Magnifying glass for detailed work - freehands, sculpts etc...

Each painter has his own airbrush and obligation to keep it clean.

Paints, paints, paints...

Our worktops have specially ordered indentations that allows our painters to rest their elbows. We want to make a high standard workplace that will pay off in high standard miniatures and happy employees.

Coming soon the BIG Diorama Giveaway and Probono Program: 

Also if you haven't seen it yet our Promo Video. Please share it and spread out the word!

You can do anything!

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