Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Army Painter Mega Paint Set #review

We would like to share with you our thoughts about Army Painters paints. We got our set over a month ago but wanted to use them and check thoroughly before we make the review.

We got Warpaints Mega Paint Set 2013 - as stated on the cover of the box it includes:
- 34 paints
- 7 inks
- 1 anti shine varnish bottle
- 3 brushes

Each paint comes in a 18 ml standard bottle. Thanks to transparent bottles and color splash on the labels it's easy to locate proper color in the heat of painting.

AP's paints have a very good consistency and are easy to use and apply on the models. Saturation is also excellent both while painting and after the paint dries up.

Inks were tricky to use for me. They behave more like old GW inks than the new washes. Once I became accustomed to them they gave pretty good results. Its fun to use something "new", it was a great lesson for all of our painters to use those inks.

Metallic paints are my favourite. No water or mediums needed. You put some paint on the palette and can start to work right away. As usual "metallic" paints are slightly better than the gold ones. Overall these are one of the best paints I've used in years.

We focused our final tests on the most "difficult" paints. We tried to work with yellows and oranges, both with a brush and an airbrush. The results were positive. We had to work a bit to get a proper consistency for an airbrush but it was certainly worth the effort.

Take a peek on the back of the box and what the manufacturer wants us to know:

Notable parts:
• 34 paints +  inks and varnish
• 3 different brushes

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of this set.

• quality and quantity in a fair price
• consistency and saturation
• great "metal" paints
• excellent as a starter set
• brushes and varnish included

• inks are tricky to use at first
• need experience to use with an airbursh

Clearly, there are more positives to this set. Overall, a good buy for personal and semi-pro use. Its a great starter for every painter. It allows you to paint almost everything, 3 different brushes help a lot.

If you are looking for paints definitely check the Army Painter's website ---> [CLICK]
Be sure to check their other products - you will be suprised by the offer!

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