Sunday, November 24, 2013

Two caged birds

Our Raven Guard dreadnoughts! Haven't seen them painted yet, did you? For now they're still in a wip stage but it's already a nice view. The scheme is pretty much similar to Death Company one i did a while ago, except this has more gradients :) I especially like the guy with white helmet and the way the gradient goes from the top of his front and down, continually through leg armour. I included some photos of all the switchable magnetized weapons, changing them is pretty fun :P In fact most of details are already done but I can reveal that I have a great idea for a banner freehand to pump up the final effect :D

This is the last wip post from this Raven Guard army so expect the massive awesomeness soon :)

P.S. I totally forgot about taking photo with the sarcophagus bit, sorry :P Also sorry if the colorful background is distracting!


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