Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Coven Throne


     I'm super happy. My Hexwraiths made an appearance on the Games Workshop main site. One of my dreams came true. Considering that the C'tan is on one -two day hold, I haven't been wasting time and got to work on some other stuff. The Coven Throne Ultra! On the last one I made some conversions but it wasn't enough. So I mounted Manfred on it, made a throne of bones instead of the pillows. Come on, imagine Manfred riding on unholy contraption like this sitting on pillows, hell nooo. So I thought a throne of bone was more suitable. I made it with a lot of spikes so that Lord Manfred could stick up heads of worthy enemies. Most of them had rotted away leaving nothing but skulls that slid down from the top of the spikes. For the cauldron I attached one Vargheist head for decoration. There is a stream of blood coming out of the head's back side. I thought that the cauldron magically gathers the blood from the battlefield straight to the Vargheists mouth and fills the cauldron to give more power for the Vampire Coven.  As for The Coven Throne I'm planning to make it more of a war machine, not a means of travel as it originally looks like. The whole spirit hosts will have more ghosts attached to them. It will be made as a really big Swarm of Spirits and ethereal creatures form the underworld. I already glued two banshees on the side and attached some more skeleton spears. I'm considering attaching some fleeing imperial state troops as victims of the spirit swarm charge. What do you think? Generally, it's going to be a lot of fun to paint and convert to make it a very unique Coven Throne. After I'm finished it will go on eBay ofc.

     Also there is a Vampire Countess mounted on a nightmare made from CT bits in plans.
Stay Happy!

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  1. Congrats on the GW page! Just started following you from CMON, great models so far.