Monday, March 19, 2012

Necron Overlord

     I have finished the Necron Overlord. He was a really nice piece to make. Especially I had a lot of fun with the base. It was the first time I had made such a display board for a mini and I learned a few things. For starters, I have noticed that making display boards is really cool and makes your mini look very awesome! :D And I tried a new technique with the rocks. I have airbrushed the whole base with Bestial Brown, fallowed that with a coat of Tausept Ochre but with the second coat I tried to brush only from the top to leave the bestial brown still visible at the darkest parts of the rocks hidden from the sun. I finished up with Bleached Bone dry brush.

     The idea for the model came partly from Necron codex image. Then it evolved in my head. The thing you see is the result of that.

     A really cool feature about this guy is his Resurrection Orb because it's magnetized bzzzt.. You can take it off him if you want. I think that this is really nice when it comes to gaming.
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  1. Good lord. How would anyone in good faith try to kill that? I would cry if it had to leave the board.

  2. very nice looking, well sculpted and well painted. One question though? what the heck is he looking at in his left hand, a GK head?

  3. I was going for a type of a cybernetic organism's head in a power armor.

  4. so he's defeated another lord, taken that lords units and power, and ripped his head off to be sure he never 'comes back'. :)