Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Female C'tan Finished

     Took more time then I suspected. But finally here she is in all her glory. The wings were a real hard job but the rest went smoothly. The thing that I like the most are the mechanical whip coils sticking out from under the robe. I received an awesome suggestion from the client to add some more at the front moving more dynamically. It gave more life to the model. Now will have to wait for an update from him after he paints her. Good luck with that mate. It's been a pleasure working for you.

She's packed and ready to go.

    I end this post with 2 guys from The Royal Court. Bye bye

1 comment:

  1. The female ctan is absolutely beautiful. That one piece is better then my entire army put together.I also love the idea of converting royal court. I have only ever had need for 4 court guys or else I would have started converting myself. I hate fine cast anything though, so I wish I had done a convertion.