Thursday, March 1, 2012

Female C'tan Project continues...

      Finally, had some time to make photos and write a blog post for you.
     I'm 60% done. She still needs some little work on the dress but it's practically done. I gave her some living wires made from guitar strings to make her more compatible with Necrons. Plus she will have living metal wings so I thought it was a good fit. I hope that the client likes this add-on. Wings are magnetized. Please tell me what you think about the model so far. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment down below.

Sculpting some more....


  1. Nice work mate.. not too sure about the wings, but will see more when they are updated. The guitar strings under the robe fit perfectly though, and the robe work you have done is also great! The client should be very happy with the work you are doing here.

  2. Love the model. Great work. Very fluid. The lines and feel of the model works very well. Can't wait to see the wings.

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