Friday, July 20, 2012

Take no prisoners

     Death Korps of Krieg guys finally reached my door. Waiting no time at all I jumped straight to converting. I present to you my first fruit of a days work. This guy is almost finished, just needs some tweaking here and there. The hardest part about this one was pin pointing both hands and the chest of the victim to the banner. Looking at this model brings to me an urge to stab some one with a flag pole ;p. The main goal with this commission is to give 3 of the squad guys more dynamic poses by bringing them to combat with some traitor guardsmen. I think that in this one I achieved just that. The next one will be the sergeant slicing through a Chaos Space Marines chest. Stay tuned.



  1. I love DKoK, and this is a nice start. Pretty gruesome...grim, and dark

  2. .....and THAT is how you take out a heretic.
    With a banner!
    Awesome job so far.