Thursday, July 12, 2012

Winged horrors

     Here are some photos of stuff I'm currently working on. Some Daemon Princes, one for fantasy, one for 40k and a ghoul king for Vampire Counts.

     The Fantasy DP will be most likely painted black to represent the undivided forces of Chaos. He's made from a Daemon Prince plastic box, head from old Bloodthirstier, body and wings from new Vargheist and hands from an ogre and a crypt horror. I think he has a unique and cool look.

     The ghoul king is converted only by using the wings from the Vargheist box. I really like his gargoyle-like appearance and the dynamic pose. Now it's time to bring this mini to life with paint ^^.

     The last of the winged monstrosities is what I like to call the Daemon Parrot Prince of  Tzeentch. I have a really cool idea when it comes to basing this guy. Hope I'll make an impression with this one.

     Also I'm working on a commission for a Death Korps of Krieg communed group but Forge World is delaying the package for unknown reason and I have to wait for the minis but I think they will arrive tomorrow. The main goal is to make them more dynamic and fighting some enemies off in melee combat. I already started to gather up materials for the conversion. The IG traitor will be the first victim of the DKOK command .

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Till next time,


  1. Oh man!
    Love that first daemon prince. Great mix of old and new.
    Judging from the Guardsman traitor I suspect this Death Korps scene will be epic!!!

  2. All the conversions here are looking fantastic!

    The Traitor "victim", how did you do his head (or is it a head swap)?

  3. Head swap. One of the Crypt Horrors bits.