Monday, July 30, 2012

The Third Eye of Tzeentch is open

     The Third Eye is open and the model is finished. It was a fun model to paint indeed. A refreshing take when it comes to color palette. I never used so much blues and purpples in any model. This guy gave me an opportunity to train my NMM's  I think that I am getting better at it. It's not a technique that I use often. I'm  particularly happy with the staff paint wise and as for the whole modelling part I think that the scenery is quite well executed. The pillar from MINI MONSTER'S helped me a great deal in constructing the Temple of Tzeentch that is being summoned by the Daemon Prince. The inspiration behind this Checker boarded floor temple is the symbolism of twin dimensions crossing each other forming a gate-way between two worlds, through which the daemon can pass in to the mortal realm.
     The Ultra Marine with all his courage assaulted the Daemon but he didn't survive the Daemonic Gaze and the change was inflicted on him sealing his fate.

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  1. You know what...I hate to say it but I think the pillar gets in the way! The model is amazing, it's a shame to have a bit of it obscured.

  2. Hola
    Una escena Muy conseguida.El terreno muy bueno con esas baldosas que se caen my conseguido el efecto de movimiento,las figuras muy bien posicionadas,pero a titulo personal la columna sobra le quita movimiento al demonio¿?pero claro eso es para gustos,pero en resumen la escena es BUENISIMA.
    Un Saludo

  3. It looks amazing!
    Only one thing, the pillar is a bit obstructing.
    Other then that... its ridiculously amazing!