Friday, July 13, 2012

Unholy Temple

     Today I have been working on the base for one of my Daemon Princes. The main idea is to make it look like the Changer of Ways is creating a chaos building as he approaches. "The ground and tiles appear under his feet, the battlefield is altering according to his will and the Daemon world breaks through to the mortal realm." I hope I will achieve a climate of terror with this model. I can't wait to start painting this guy. I also made a victim. It will be an Ultramarine who is already mutated by the Daemon's foul magic into a bird-thing. Also there are horrors crawling out of his belly.



  1. Oh my....
    I really REALLY like this.
    The idea of the tiles floating up and forming a "walkway" is insane.
    Is the Marine in his way a victim of him forcing him to change?

  2. Replies
    1. Wow just noticed you explained that in your post... Excuse my stupidity lol

  3. Man that is cool!

  4. It's converted from Daemon Prince and a horror of T.