Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Rotten

      It's here. Not an easy model to paint I tell you. Setting its size aside the base was giving me so many problems when painting the Daemon. But it's done.

Someone asked me about the full bits list so here it goes:
-Force sword and the victim are from Grey Knights Paladins
-Chaos Daemon Prince for the torso, head, tail and arms.
-The weapon was made by using Crypt Ghouls and Zombie heads
-Wings are from Zombie Dragon kit
-There is a head on a chain from Corpse Cart set
-Hook on a chain from Chaos Marauder Horsemen box
-Space Marine corpse is a bit from Crypt Horrors + one Tactical Marine head
-Spiked Balls on the tail end are also from Marauders Horsemen and the tail extension is from the Carnifex kit
-Legs are from the Zombie Dragon Kit

I'm sure that I forgot something but don't blame me, it took a lot of different bits ;p



  1. This is the coolest 40k thing I've seen in years. Love it!

  2. The sense of movement and power of the impact you've achieved in the piece is incredible, the Daemon evokes some of horrors the Black Library has described. It's really great work.

    If I can make one small observation though, the blood maybe looks a bit dry.

  3. @BIX, Glossy Varnish should do the trick or Tamiya X-27 + Glossy Varnish

  4. Truly amazing. That has to be the best model I have ever seen, thank you for sharing!