Sunday, May 5, 2013

Even more Necrons!

Hello girls and boys!

     As promised we've started new Necron army. It's gonna be a huge force - with dark metallic/rusty theme on snow bases. Take a peek on this army list. 
            Nemesor Zahndrekh
            Vargard Obyron
            Necron Overlord
            Necron Lord (Resurrection Orb)
            Necron Lord x2
            Necron Cryptek x3

            Necron Lychguard x15 (Powerphase swords and dispersion shields)
            Triarch Praetorians x5 (Rod of covenant)
            Necron Triarch Stalker (Heavy Gauss Cannon)
            Necron Warriors x36
            Necron Immortals x15 (Gauss Blaster)

            Fast Attack
            Canoptek Scarab Swarms x9
            Necron Destroyer x3
            Necron Heavy Destroyer x2
            Heavy Support
            Doomsday Ark
            Annihilation Barge (Gauss Cannon instead of Tesla Cannon)
            Necron Monolith

            Dedicated Transports
            Necron Night Scythe
            Necron Ghost Ark x2            

     We are workin on it for few weeks now and there is still a lot to do but we have some units finished and ready. 

     Next on the table - Stalker, Nightscythe and Immortals. Stay tuned.

You can do anything!

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  1. Look at all that! Dark and sinister with a touch of glowing green. Magnificent work.

    I hope you enjoyed your pizza!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words!

      We did enjoy that pizza. To be honest I am enjoying it a bit too much and too often :) #gettingfatter

  2. Looks great, thank you all for your hard work.