Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to paint - Imperial Guard infantry tutorial

Time for more flashbacks from Minions. Today we would like to show you a tutorial by Kosa.
It is a simple way of painting IG infantry using the airbrush. I think that even in the 40th millennium soldiers have not paraded in colorful uniforms, and therefore my army is painted in muted colors - browns and greens.

1. The first thing we do is cut out figures of the frames and clean them. Then we assemble them paying attention to give a different look to each soldier. We put our prime colour Camo Green using airbrush. I decided that my soldiers will wear forest camouflage uniforms, so on the green prime we put randomly brown spots (here Snakebite Leather).

2. After drying, we change the paint's colour to Catachan Green and again we put random spots of dark green.

3. The minis seem to be too uniform now, so we add more contrast by painting the weapons with dark green (Catachan Green) and other details with the colors that could be an opposition to large amount of bright colours. We paint belts and equipement's suspenders with Scorched Brown, holsters and amunition pouches with Bestial Brown.

4. We paint the soldiers' skin with Elf Flesh taking care not to paint over the already painted uniforms. We choose Goblin Green for the grenades and Scorched Brown for the shoes. We finish the metal parts (belt buckles, grenades' pins, weapons parts and bayonets) with Boltgun Metal. It is important to carefully paint the Empire signs and imperial eagles with Skull White.

5. A very important step is to put washes - we cover the skin of guardsmen with Ogryn Flesh while the rest of the mini (avoiding precisely the skin) with Badab Black.

6. Choosing the method of finishing the bases is a question of a personal taste. I choose the tone which directly matches the painted soldiers. Like usual, I used glue, sand and electrostatic autumn grass.

You can do anything!

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