Thursday, May 16, 2013

The First Legion

     Hey fellow bloggers, wargamers, miniature painters. have been building up some Dark Angels for a commissioned DA army. I really like this part. I did play around with a whole lot of different DA sets, did some head swaps and added some stuff here and there. For the Command Squad I used some Deathwing Knights hooded heads. They suit them well. My favorites are the sergeants. One is a Converted Dark Vengeance Srg and the other is a regular Marine with some Veteran and Termi bits. They both look quite unique.

Feed your Imagination,


  1. These are looking good! I'm in the process of assembling the new deathwing and ravenwing boxes (both are great!). One suggestion, the power sword in the last picture looks like it is slightly bent down. Not too much, just enough to look a bit off.

    1. Yes have to say that they did a fine job on making those kits. I really enjoy playing around with those bits.
      I see the sword now i will have to reposition it a bit. Thanks.